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Visualware's Web Services Portal provides powerful Internet application diagnostic testing and monitoring capabilities to anyone with a Java-enabled web browser.

This is very useful when:
  • You want to provide Visualware solutions where they're needed, when they're needed
  • You don't want to keep track of software downloads and license keys
  • You don't want to manage software testing and deployment to a diverse user base
  • You're behind a strict firewall that blocks any traces
  • You don't want to invest in additional hardware, software, human resources or training
  • Put Visualware Web Services features and benefits to work for your organization today!  To learn more, we invite you to request additional information, read our FAQ page or explore any of our solutions below:
  • Internet Security and Threat Management
    Tracking IP information from behind a firewall is often impossible and puts your systems or personal information at risk.  Now you can stop spammers, hackers and Internet abusers easily by accessing IP tracking information that may otherwise be blocked by a firewall and view the results with an easy to understand table and world map.  Now get two products in one service!
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    • Website and Network Connectivity and Performance
      A website that takes too long, or worse, fails to deliver its content causes visitors to lose interest or turn away from your company altogether. Ensuring that all the components of a Web site or Web delivered application are functioning properly is critical to maximizing sales and customer satisfaction. Now you can have anytime, anywhere access to Web site, network device and web transaction monitoring services providing availability and performance reporting with real time email alert notification for your critical Internet connected Web systems.  New service!
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  • End-user Connectivity
    Resolving Internet connectivity and performance problems is the number one objective when you or your customer are experiencing problems. Finding the trouble spot is increasingly difficult when you're behind a firewall or when the Internet is the primary network.  Now you can have browser-based visibility to connectivity diagnostics enabling quick identification of Internet performance problems using a completely hosted solution. 
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  • Web Application Service Delivery Reporting
    Knowing exactly where your visitors are located and what service levels you deliver to your customers is the first step to managing the customer experience.  Our Service Delivery Reporting services measure the exact time it takes for a web page to be received by a customer anywhere in the world, capturing real response time / latency service level information in real-time.  Now, support organizations and application managers can proactively manage the web application service levels delivered to customers.   
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