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Proactively Manage Real User Service Levels!

Know exactly where your customers are located and what experience they are receiving from your web services. Visualware's Web Application Service Delivery Reporting Service measures the exact time it takes for a web page to be received by a customer anywhere in the world, capturing actual service level information in real-time. Each time a customer accesses your Web page or Web supported application, customer service level details are captured from the customer's desktop in real-time. Because these services do not use any remote agent technology, they can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

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Get all the information you need to support service level reporting:

Report Type Details and Sample Report
World Map Understanding service levels by world location is important in understanding the impact of Internet/intranet congestion. The World Map report provides a quick and easy indication of the general health of your applications based on the geographic location of your customer base.  

Isolate web application service level degradation caused by problems originating based on geographic location.

Application Reporting Reporting by application is crucial to resolving application and server related problems as it allows the quick identification and comparison of different applications while eliminating network and region anomalies. 

Identify server performance problems that impact application response time and latency levels.

Country Reporting The DesktopResponse Service  incorporates inbuilt geo-location technology that allows detailed service level data to be reported by country. 

Viewing response time and application latency numbers by geographic location can identify which users are impacted by service degradation.

Customer/IP Reporting Understanding service levels associated with web application latency for a large numbers of users that make up a "corporate customer," as opposed to an individual customer, allows the support organization to manage large or sensitive customers proactively. By reporting service level data by range of IP addresses, you can quickly see the service levels delivered to that customer even if the customer is located in more than one country or city. 

View web application response times by customer IP to determine if groups of users are experiencing degraded service levels.

City Reporting The DesktopResponse Service supports reporting by city, which is useful in tracking down network congestion. If a customer's poor performance correlates to other users in the same city or locality then there is a strong possibility that widespread Internet/intranet congestion is the cause.

View application response time by city, state and country.

Network Carrier and ASN Reporting Report on service level data by network AS number (ASN) and associated Network Carrier. This allows the DesktopResponse user to quickly identify poor service levels and the responsible service provider. 

Identify AS number and network carrier responsible for last mile internet connectivity problems.

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